The Touch Of Another Pt 8

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…I let Patrick’s cock slip from my mouth, a string of precum and saliva hung between my lips and the swollen head of his hardness. “I said don’t stop!” Margaret repeated. She had walked into the room now and stood beside us. I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was awash with feelings of self loathing. Naked aside from the lingerie. What was I doing? I stared down in shame. Before I had any time to gather my emotions into some form of action I felt Margaret’s hand stroking my head. “That was so beautiful to watch…. please don’t stop” her voice was so full of a genuine desire. I looked up at her. This woman was the age of my mother and yet so completely different. This woman was at ease with herself… in control, not just of the situation I found myself in. In control of herself. Her desires, her needs. I was, at this moment, a component in what she desired.

I looked up at Patrick. His eyes met mine. “Good lad… lets show her how good you are” he whispered to me. I was transfixed by both his stare and his words and slowly brought my mouth back to the unfinished work I had begun not a couple of minutes before. Margaret’s fingers were running through my hair and gently forcing my head further down on the beautiful cock. I brought my hand back around the solid shaft of this man’s symbol of manhood, all the time completely aware of my total vulnerability… a young man clad in utterly feminine lingerie at the feet of another man, and yet I had feelings of control. To this day I know that what I was doing was giving both Patrick and Margaret immense pleasure. Pure pleasure. As that thought went through my mind I intensified the attention I was giving to my given task. 

Whilst I pleasured Patrick, his hands grasping my head, Margaret had lowered to the sofa. In the intoxicating tension of what I was doing my attention was drawn to her. I was intensely aroused simply by participating in my worship of Patrick’s cock, but what she was doing stopped me in my duties… “You like?” Margaret asked. Her black skirt pulled luridly up her thighs exposing her stocking clad legs and much more. Her legs were widely spread. She brought the fingers of one hand down between her legs. I was instantly in her command. My feelings of control evaporated. Her fingers delicately parted the swollen lips of her pussy, her middle finger plunging deep into the moistness of herself. My head was spinning. “Just concentrate on making Patrick ready for me Jim…. although I think perhaps it might be nice if you gave me a little attention” she told me. Patrick looked down at me with glazed eyes… “Go on boy… the lady wants attention!” Patrick told me. I dropped his cock and slowly crawled between Margaret’s waiting thighs. She raised one leg and rested her calf on my shoulder. The feeling of her leg wrapping and pulling me closer behind my neck was inescapable. But I had no intentions of escape. I drew myself closer to the heat of her waiting pussy. Delicately I touched her with my tongue, exploring this new anatomy. I gently ran my tongue down one of her lips and then back up the other. Her taste. Her texture. Her wetness. I felt Margaret’s hand at the back of my head pulling me closer. I had no knowledge of how to pleasure a woman in this way, but her hands guided me. My tongue found the top of her pussy. At this point she pulled me forcefully. My tongue was deep inside her and I could feel the vice like grip of her leg around my neck. The deep softness of her was literally tingling on my tongue. I pressed my tongue upwards and could hear Margaret groan. I felt another hand on my head. It was Patricks. His hands forcing me harder against her. I could feel Margaret shuddering. Patrick had brought his cock beside my face and I took the hint. I reached for him and gripped him hard. Precum was dripping copiously and I lunged for it with my waiting mouth. “Fuck yess!” Patrick groaned. Margarets hand pushing my head, forcing more of his cock in my mouth. “Good girl” I heard Margaret say. In that moment it didn’t matter. Girl, boy…. nothing mattered. “Now put him in me…’ she barked. I grasped Patrick and brought his obscenely hard cock against the lips of her pussy. “Now lick me…” the instruction came. I was in a trance. I parted Margaret’s lips and brought the shiny angry head of his cock to them whilst licking along his hard shaft and her swollen red clit. Slowly I eased Patrick inside her, all the time running my tongue around where they met. The sensation was completely overwhelming. My only thought was of giving pleasure. My own gratification was insignificant despite the free flowing evidence from my as yet ignored self. 

Patrick plunged deeply and slowly withdrew, his cock coated with Margaret’s arousal. Patrick grabbed my hair and pulled me close. I knew what was asked. I licked his shaft before he drove himself into her again. In the tangled of stocking clad limbs and silk, I brought my head to rest on Margaret’s stomach, my eyes fixed on the quickening rhythm of Patrick. He suddenly withdrew and stabbed fiercely at my mouth. I was lost in the moment. The pure hedonism of what was happening had taken over completely. I hungrily sucked on his cock. I could feel Margaret fighting with the buttons of her blouse. I could see her pulling aside the black lace of her bra as I worked on the rigid cock. Patrick pulled away from me but I still held him. I guided him back into her pussy, slurping around the head of his cock as he entered. I could hear Margaret urging him “Fuck me hard… really hard”, and her grabbing my hair and roughly pulling me to her breast. I blindly sought the rough texture of her thickened hard nipple. I could feel her hand cupping my balls under the fabric of my panties, her fingers grasping for my cock. I can still feel that as I write this. “Bite them…” I heard her tell me, but I knew already. Pure animalistic instinct had taken over. Patrick was thrusting deep long and hard as Margaret gripped me firmly, her breasts heaving as I clung on. I could hear Patrick groaning. I knew that sound he made, even after only a few brief encounters. Margaret pushed my head down just as Patrick pulled away, frantically working his cock. The first violent jet of cum flew wildly across my face. I reached desperately for the cock. I wanted it. I wanked him hard into my mouth. I could feel his cock spasm in my grip. His balls tight as he delivered. My mouth filled. Margaret’s hand forcing my head down on him. I was gagging but through insane delirious pleasure as Margaret pulled hard on my cock. I could feel the involuntary waves of ecstasy rise. The feelings were indescribable. I felt in a dream, a fabulous dream with an element of control. 

That very moment, I knew that my life would be dictated by feelings and urges that know no bounds. I knew that these levels of intense pleasure were totally abstract, they were personal. They were mine. They are mine. 

The Touch Of Another Pt 7.

A continuation of my adventures one summer….

I virtually ran home after work that night. I didn’t have much time before I was to meet Patrick as we had arranged. I quickly showered and went into my bedroom to dress. The bag containing the garments Patrick had instructed me to wear was on my bed. I emptied them out. My heart was racing… my mind was awash with wild thoughts. I picked up the stockings and began to put them on. The mere act of doing this I found intensely erotic, and still do to this day. The sensations from the fabric was so wonderfully sensual. Once on, I then fumbled with the garter belt and fastened the little clips onto the lacy stocking tops. I stood and examined myself in the mirror… I looked simultaneously ridiculous yet incredibly arousing. My hard cock swinging in front of me as I slipped into the lace panties. The fabric couldn’t contain me. I felt strangely empowered. I knew Patrick wanted me like this. I knew this was his fantasy. My feminisation. As I looked at myself I felt a wonderful sense of control. He wouldn’t be able to resist me.

I lastly put on the silk camisole. My nipples hard against the soft material, clearly visible beneath. Quickly I concealed myself under jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt and headed out.

As I headed for the pub to meet Patrick I could feel the stockings against my skin. The sensations were so intoxicating as I passed people in the street… if only they knew. These thoughts aroused me even more. My naughty secret, hidden from view.

I entered the pub and approached the bar, my eyes sweeping the room for Patrick. He was sitting with Margaret in a small booth at the far side of the room. I ordered a bottle of beer and joined them. “Hi Jim” said Margaret with a big smile. I sensed she had been here some time. “Pull up a seat” Patrick told me. I sat down and took a long swig of my beer. I could feel Patrick’s eyes on me. “I’ll be heading now boys” Margaret said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” leaning over and pecking Patrick on the cheek. “Lovely meeting you again Jim”, and with that she headed for the door. 

Patrick looked at me, “Well?” He said. “Well what?” I replied. His eyes drifted down to my crotch. His voice lowered, “Has young Jim got a surprise for me?” I blushed. He laughed. “Don’t be coy with me! I know you’re as horny as I am” he said. I didn’t yet feel comfortable with this matter of fact style of chat. He was right of course but at that time in my life, being up front about all things sexual was limited to lewd comments regarding girls boobs or such. 

“Come on… drink up and we’ll head back to mine” he said, downing the remainder of his glass. I hurriedly gulped down my beer and rose to my feet. I followed Patrick to the door and we made our way out.

As we made our way to his flat my mind was wild with so many thoughts, fears, anxieties. In the space of just a few days I had gone from being a typical college student doing college student things to a completely confused mess of emotions. Here I was going to another mans flat with the sole intention of having sex. No love. Just pure erotic pleasure for its own sake. The excitement was utterly overwhelming. 

Patrick opened the door to his flat and I climbed the stairs with him following. I knew he was undressing me with his eyes. I was giddy with that thought. Being molested by him. I walked through into the lounge and turned to face him. He made his way to the sofa and sat down. Our eyes met. I will never forget that look… not a single word was necessary. His eyes were imploring me to reveal for him the fantasy he desperately craved. I kicked off my trainers and began to slowly remove the track suit bottoms. I could hear his breathing quicken as he got his first glimpse of the lingerie. Inch by inch I revealed until they were on the floor. I stepped out of them. “Holy fuck! Yessss” was all he could say as he feasted his eyes on my stocking clad legs. His hand reached down to his bulging crotch and rubbed. I began to raise the sweatshirt over my head and i could hear him gasp as he saw my hardness restrained by the lace panties. Finally the metamorphosis was complete and I stood before him for his pleasure. I have never felt as sexually desired as I did in that moment. The lust he had for me was palpable. “Come closer” he whispered. I stepped nearer. He was undressing as he spoke. “Turn around” he told me. I did as he said, feeling both anxiety and excitement in equal measure. Suddenly I felt his hand stroke my thigh, and then another stroking by waist through the silk camisole. I shivered. The hand at my waist encircled me and he felt for my hardness. I groaned as he gripped me through the lace. I turned to face him. He stared deep into my eyes as his hand gently pulled at the waist of the panties. He looked down. My erect cock there for his gaze, precum oozing from its head. He ran a finger around the crown, gathering the sticky nectar. I knew what he would do next. Slowly he brought the finger to my lips. They parted and I delicately licked, then closed my lips around his finger and sucked it clean. “Good boy…. such a good boy” he said. I looked down and his engorged cock stood angrily towards me. I inched closer, our cocks just touching. The sticky precum from our cocks mingling as they jousted. It was an intensely erotic moment. Every atom in my body was sensitised to what was happening. I felt his hand on my shoulder pressing me down. I dropped to my knees before him. His rampant cock beside my face. I reached for it and grasped him firmly, examining the shiny mushroom head. I looked up at him and then so very gently began to run my tongue up the length of his shaft, all the while maintaining eye contact. As my tongue swirled around the rim of his helmet his legs shuddered violently. My lips encircled the taught smooth head and I knew he was mine. My hand gripping his shaft began to slowly milk the precum from him as I devoured every drop.

It was at that moment I heard the noise behind me… I froze completely. “Don’t let me stop you…” a voice said. It was Margaret….35121E90-D816-494B-9989-F39B11261EF4

A Brief Cathartic Pause.

I am going to pause my recollections from my fateful summer to make space for a blog post which I feel compelled to write, so strong are my feelings.

When I began my blog I explained how I had been inspired and encouraged by individuals I had chatted with on another platform, namely Instagram. One of these people I came to know rather well. We both admired each others images and entered into conversations by direct messaging, sharing thoughts, ideas and genuinely bonding. There was never any ‘sexting’, it was intimate chat yes, but not of a nature intended to arouse each other. They were wonderful explorations of the nature of sexual relationships, the taboos associated and the sharing of ideas for creative projects.

Her imagery, whilst being sexually charged, was never explicit. It was mainly thought provoking, with deeper messages in the stories she told through her photographs. That is certainly not to say her images were not ‘hot’! They were just done with thought and sensitivity.

From the very outset of our making contact, we had always had a mutual requirement for anonymity and were both extremely cautious when it came to revealing our respective identities, as we both hold down professional careers within which our creative explorations might not be appreciated.

We discussed how easy it can be to be truly open about ourselves in these anonymous online relationships. No real indication of the clutter that affects our ‘real’ lives. Pure thoughts, almost like stream of consciousness, flowing back and forth. I utterly adored this aspect of our conversations.

Suddenly her account disappeared, apparently deleted. This is the nature of Instagram I have discovered, and more explicit accounts seem to fall prey to the censors quite frequently. That said, I am sure her disappearance was not for reasons of censorship. The imagery was far too tame in comparison to so much more content which isn’t removed. More likely to have been a spurned follower who didn’t appreciate the brush off and chose to report her by way of revenge.

Anyway, she reappeared again shortly later with a new account and we re-established our friendship. Everything was just as it was.

A week or so ago I was scrolling through the “following” feed and by chance noticed a photo that she had liked and recognised the location. It was the village where I lived. The person taking the photo lived within a few hundred yards of where I am right now as I type. This was quite remarkable as my friend lives in the US. Not only that, he had requested access to both my private account and also my public account which is where all my friends, colleagues and family reside.

I brought this up in conversation with my friend and and we discussed the identity issue again. I didn’t want this individual snooping through my intimate secrets, particularly as I have subsequently discovered that we have real life mutual friends who I certainly wouldn’t want to share my private thoughts/ feelings with. This wasn’t a problem with my private account as I could simply disregard his request to follow my account. I wasn’t concerned about my public account as there wasn’t anything of a sensitive nature there.

My friend suggested that she would block him from her account if I liked. I didn’t want her to do that as this wasn’t something which affected her privacy and also who she chose to follow etc was completely her business. Again she said she would block him if it made me feel better. Again I said no.

I had viewed his account and he had some interesting pictures of my neighbourhood, but generally speaking they were rather narcissistic selfies of him posturing and posing, which to be quite honest, I don’t see as a good trait in a middle aged man. He was quite clearly in love with himself. Quite the opposite to the way I picture myself, although self perception can be a tricky one! But my friend agreed that we were indeed very different.

So anyways, a few days passed and I thought no more of the matter when, again purely by chance, I saw in her feed that she had commented on one of his pictures. It was an image of a moody sunset right outside my very window. He had captioned it “Lovely evening for a walk” and my friend had commented “Yes… with you”.

I struggle to describe the sudden rush of emotions I felt on seeing this. A pure red mist descended. My mind filled with irrational thoughts, like an adolescent. What followed was me reacting in a completely enraged fashion. I scrolled through her images and found the interactions between them, but they only went back a couple of weeks and so I went through his… Sure enough, they had been communicating for quite some time, long before we had even come to meet each other online.

Our communications were just terrible. Hers pragmatic, whilst mine were emotional and volatile. Her pragmatism simply fuelling my rage. It made me feel I had no right to feel the way I did… and that is probably true. But it certainly didn’t make it any better.

In my paranoid state I deleted everything. I was hurt. If this was what I could see, what had been going on in messages? I felt betrayal. Why? Over the course of a few weeks I had entrusted someone with my innermost self. I could tell her anything without fear of judgement. I had never ever experienced any form of relationship like it. But then again, I was a newcomer to the whole modern age of interactions through social media platforms. This whole universe of 1s and 0s floating around in the ether… only ever becoming tangible in our own minds. Gone in seconds.

This was only three days ago. Now I feel empty. A very important part of my personal re-development and voyage of self discovery had gone. My accomplice in that process was no longer there. I toyed with deleting my private account and everything associated, this blog included, but something inside me said no, and that is what this blog post is… an explanation of where I am, how I feel, and most importantly an exercise in catharsis. If I could delete the past week I would…. simply because I miss her


The Touch Of Another Pt 6.

I didn’t sleep much after my experiences the previous evening, when Pat took me round to his friend Bill’s house. It was just a week since my first experience of man sex and already I had been introduced to wearing ladies underwear and the fun to be had with a third person. Not only that but Pat had also introduced me to his middle aged friend Margaret who had been teasing me mercilessly, and had even given Pat some lingerie for me to wear for him.

I headed for work in the morning eager to meet up with Pat at our break time. I had washed and dried the lace panties from the previous night and had them with me in my pocket. My break finally arrived and I waited for Pat to arrive in the staff room. He came in and sat down at the table opposite me. I was much less nervous than I had been with him previously but I still blushed when he asked me how I was. He asked me if I had enjoyed last night and if I wanted to repeat it some time. Of course I was! He passed a small carrier bag across the table. “Whats this?” I asked. “Look and see” he replied. I opened the bag and peered inside. There was a tangle of black lace and I couldn’t really tell what it was. I took it from the bag. I separated the items.. a pair of black silk stockings, a suspender belt, and a lace camisole. I was instantly hard.

“Margaret gave them to me for you” he informed me. The blood was rushing to my face. I was confused by all this. My young inexperienced head couldn’t fathom what kind of relationship Pat had with Margaret. “She wants you to wear them for me” he said. I asked him if she minded the fact that he was “doing stuff” with another man. He began to explain to me how it had all came about. 

They had become friends a couple of years previous. Her husband was older than she was and worked in The Middle East and was only home a couple of times a year. She had needs and so did Pat. They had met in the pub around the corner from her shop and one thing led to another. They would meet up several times a week. I asked him how she found out about him playing with other men. It had happened whilst they were fucking. Often they had used one of her vibrators when they were playing, he liked to see her sucking it as they fucked. This led to him sucking it too and that sent her wild. She had asked him if he had ever sucked a real one and he told her lots. She was incredibly aroused by that. 

All the time Pat was telling me this I was becoming increasingly aroused… the thought of her watching me and Pat was overpowering. “Has she ever seen you?” I asked him. “Not yet” was his reply, “But it is something we are working on!” he grinned. My head spun with excitement. I had only really experienced fumbled sexual encounters in my life at that time. I was 19 and, whilst not a virgin, had only messed around, not really knowing what I was doing or what it was I was trying to do. Here I was being seduced into a far more adult world where the erotic was the objective. Where inhibitions were lost and pure sexual exploration took over. 

“Is that what this is all about?” I asked Pat, holding the black lace lingerie up. “What do you think?” was his response. I had no idea what to think. “Does that make you hard?” he carried on. “I think my naughty boy would like to see Uncle Pat and Aunt Margaret playing together. In fact I think he would like to make his uncle nice and hard for auntie, and his auntie nice and wet for Uncle Pat”. 

By now I was squirming with arousal and he knew it. “I think that thought has made you ooze hasn’t it?” he asked. I could only nod. “Taste it for your uncle” he instructed me. I slowly slid my hand inside the waist of my pants. I was achingly hard and the head of my cock was sticky with the precum that Patrick’s teasing had made me produce. I ran a finger around it, gathering up as much as I could. I removed my hand and slowly brought the finger to my lips. Patrick’s eyes were boring into me as I began to lick my sticky finger gently. “Such a good boy. Does that taste nice?” he said. Again I could only nod. “I think somebody needs sorting out down below. Do you?” he asked. “Yesss” I murmured back. “Go upstairs to the store room and I will be there in two minutes, theres a good lad” he told me.


I climbed the stairs at the back of the restaurant and made my way to the store room. Nobody ever came up here except me so there was no chance of being caught. I opened the door and found the light switch. I could hear Pat climbing the stairs. I turned to face the door as he arrived. He walked towards me and reached for my bulging crotch. I shivered at his touch and he grinned. He moved closer and brought his face to mine and kissed me on the lips, running his tongue the length of my mouth, savouring the taste of my precum which still lingered. I could feel his hands unfasten my jeans as his tongue forced into my mouth urgently. He slowly pulled away then dropped down to his knees in front of me. His hands began tugging my jeans down along with my underpants… all the time staring up into my eyes. My fully aroused cock sprang out from its confines and stood proudly before him. “Oh my sweet Lord! You must be so ready… Look how wet you are” he whispered to me. The head of my cock was forcing through the foreskin and was free flowing with my lovely precum. With one hand he cupped my aching balls and with the other he slowly pulled back my foreskin exposing fully the swollen purple head. All the time he was examining it intently. “So very very beautiful” he told me. “How often do you cum in a day?” he asked. “Two or three times I suppose” I replied. “Wonderful! The beauty of youth. Have you got plenty for Uncle Patrick now?” I was in heaven. “I think so” was all I managed to say. Slowly he moved his firm hand backwards an forwards along the length of my rigid shaft. Beads of precum dripped from the slit in the head. Pat moved closer and delicately tasted the shiny sticky liquid with the tip of his tongue. A string formed between my cock and his mouth. I felt weak with desire as he brought his mouth back to it again, this time enveloping the whole of the head of my cock. I could feel his tongue circling the sensitive head, devouring the copious amount of juice I was producing. The pure arousal was overpowering as he wanked and sucked my hardness. Pat got back to his feet and stood in front of me, his hand still massaging my dripping cock. We kissed deeply, our tongues probing, the taste of my own precum was driving me wild. I reached down and felt Pat’s hard cock through his pants. I wanted it bad. “Save that for later young man” he told me, “I want to have lots for you this evening…’ he broke off and crouched down again, taking me back into his mouth, this time with eager intent. His sucked furiously as he wanked me harder. I could feel the cum rising. I was in heaven and wanted the feelings to go on for ever. I felt my knees start to weaken with my approaching orgasm. I began to groan from deep inside. My hands clutched Pat’s head and my pelvis began to thrust involuntarily. My balls tightened and I began to release my load. “Fuck yessss!” I cried. Pat’s mouth was clamped around my cock and his hand continued to wank the cum from me into his throat. My climax began to subside and I pulled away, my cock becoming too sensitive. Pat got to his feet and kissed me again, this time making sure I got to share some of what I had produced. I had tasted my own cum before… but this was so erotic from another mans lips. “Good lad. Tonight you can return the favour” he told me grinning. I could only look back at him through glazed eyes, nodding. I began fastening my trousers. “I’ll meet you in the pub at about 8…. and make sure you’ve got that stuff I gave you on” he said. I nodded. I couldn’t believe what I was getting into, but I was not going back now. I wanted much more, and I was sure Pat had much more to show me.

The Touch Of Another Pt 5


I made my way home after leaving Patricks flat, the taste of him still very strong in my mouth. I felt so dirty… but so very very much wanting to experience more. I could feel the soaked lace panties beneath my jogging bottoms… I was getting hard again with the sensations. My head was confused. Was I gay? I fancied women, how could I be? I didn’t “fancy” men in the same way, in fact I didn’t fancy them at all, but this older man had shown me that if it feels good… just go with the flow. I certainly did that alright, and was extremely eager to explore more. This evening I had explored another mans cock for the first time, my previous two meetings with him had involved him bringing me to shuddering climaxes… Tonight had been so very different. Tonight I had discovered what I found most enjoyable sexually. Giving pleasure, pure and simple. I had made another man cum. I felt powerful because of that, and I wanted a lot more. 

That evening I wanked several times whilst fantasising about making Patrick cum for me, with Margaret, his fuck buddy watching on. I simply couldn’t get that picture from my mind.

The following morning I dressed for work. I had washed the panties the night before and put those on under my shorts. I knew I wasn’t a transvestite.. but the sensations I was getting from wearing them was intoxicating. Knowing that I could arouse another man when they see me in them was simply overpowering and made me instantly fully aroused. ‘This was just the beginning’ was the only thought in my head. I wanted more.. no, needed more, desperately.

Later that day I met my pervy friend in the staff room. He had been at the forefront of my mind from the moment I put on the panties earlier. I could feel myself flushing. My desires overwhelming me. He knew it. “How are you Jim?” Patrick said. “Fine” I blurted. “You don’t look fine” he told me, “You look like a young man with a hunger” his eyes probing into me. “I know that look”. He looked down at my crotch. “If I am not mistaken, you are in need of uncle Pat’s attention, aren’t you?” he said. I could only nod. My cheeks were burning. My cock straining. Oozing into the lace fabric of my panties. “Show me” he told me. “I can’t! Not here!” I replied. “Yes you can… right now!” he told me, firmly. I looked over my shoulder nervously to check if we were alone. “Go on.. let me have a look at that lovely cock” Patrick whispered. I slowly lifted my apron and began to unfasten the front of my shorts. Patrick walked closer and reached out and slipped his hand inside. Again I looked around anxiously. “Holy fuck, you’re so damned hard” Patrick said. His fingers had found my shaft and were slowly wrapping themselves around my raging hard cock. “You have those knickers on too… mmmmm, fucking wonderful. So bloody wet as well!” his words were making me tremble with anticipation. He quickly withdrew his hand. “Right.. thats enough for now. We’ll sort that out after work… Fancy coming with me round to an old mates?” he asked me. I was shaking out of pure frustration. “What do you mean?” I replied. “My mate Bill likes to watch” Patrick said, “Don’t worry! He just watches… oh and jerks off! He likes watching blokes, randy old fucker he is” he told me. I wasn’t ready for this I thought. “Oh I don’t know..” I stammered, desperately trying to think of an excuse. “Come on! We’ll have a laugh… and some horny fun too… He has a lovely cock has Bill!” he insisted. “He’s only five minutes from here, Ill meet you outside after work” he said and disappeared back into the dining room. How on earth would I last until this evening.

The afternoon never seemed to end. All I could think of was Patricks wonderful hard cock and how I would make him cum for me. Eventually home time arrived. I left the restaurant and waited for Pat outside. I was only there two or three minutes when Pat appeared. “Come on then.. lets get you sorted” he said,grinning and giving my shoulder a nudge. “Bet you’re gagging for it… judging by how hard you were four hours ago! Did you have a little stroke?” he asked. “No…” I mumbled, “I kept trying to think of other things”. Patrick slapped me on my back, “Good lad! Should have a good load then shouldn’t you” he said. I struggled with his matter-of-factness. This sexual openness was all completely new to me. New and incredibly exciting.

We headed off along the street towards a Victorian terrace. “Bill is at number 3. He’ll be waiting for us. Horny fucker!” Pat said. I was getting nervous, but it didn’t stop me hardening up yet again. We walked the few yards to Bill’s house and approached the door. Patrick knocked and we waited. The door opened and a tall well built man in his sixties appeared. “Hello there Pat my old mate… come on in” he said, holding the door wide for us. I followed Patrick inside. “Bill, this is Jim. Jim, meet Bill” Patrick said. We entered a large living room. “Well hello there young Jim” Bill said reaching out a large hand. I shook his hand, his grip firm. He smiled knowingly at me. Very, very pleased to meet you young man”, he said. “Take a seat” he told us. We sat on a large three seater sofa. “Fancy a beer boys?” Bill asked. “Don’t mind if I do.. I’m parched Bill” Patrick replied. “Jim?” Bill said to me. “Yes please” I replied. Bill headed through to the kitchen.

He was a well dressed man, wearing chino type trousers and a pink linen shirt. Obviously retired and extremely house proud. He seemed to me quite clearly gay. He returned into the room with the beers. “Patrick tells me there’s been some mischief going on Jim.. is this true?” Bill asked me grinning. “Mischief? I don’t know what you mean?” I responded blushing. Bill laughed loudly… so did Patrick. “Don’t be shy here young man! Patrick has told me all about you.. tells me you have quite a pretty thing hidden in those pants of yours. Are you going to let old Bill have a look?” he said, openly rubbing his crotch. I looked over to Patrick anxiously. “Go on Jim. Give him a peep”, Patrick said winking at me. Bill sat down in an armchair as I slowly rose to my feet. I stepped forwards into the middle of the room. “Take your shirt off first lad” Patrick told me. I looked over at Bill. His eyes were exploring me luridly. He was undressing me with them. I slowly pulled my t-shirt up over my head exposing my slim body. “Such a sweet boy Patrick” Bill said. Patrick nodded. He too was rubbing his crotch. “Now the shorts” he told me. I kicked off my trainers and pulled my socks off. My stomach was churning. What was I doing… stripping off for two horny old men? I began to unfasten my shorts, my fingers fumbling with the button. I unzipped the fly and began to let my shorts slip down my legs to the floor. “Oh Lord!” Bill exclaimed, “He has panties on! Patrick, you bad man you!” Patrick was by now unfastening his own trousers and getting to his feet. There I was standing in the middle of the room in nothing but a pair of black lace panties, with a raging hard on straining to be released. “And what a lovely cock he has inside them too” Bill said. “Turn around” he instructed me. I did as he said. Patrick had removed his trousers and underpants and was removing his shirt as he came towards me. “You like?” he said to Bill. “Like? Simply beautiful Patrick. Quite beautiful” he replied. Patrick leaned in towards me and kissed me full on the lips. I responded. I felt one of his hands drop down around my waist and slip inside the top of my panties. I could see over Patrick’s shoulder that Bill was unfastening his trousers. Patrick was kissing me hungrily now, his tongue deep in my mouth. I reached for his hard cock. It was fully erect and the precum starting to ooze. I ran my finger around his smooth helmet and coated my finger in the sticky silvery juice. I brought it up to our mouths and found our waiting tongues. We both shared the taste from Patrick’s cock. The sexual tension was unbelievable. I looked over at Bill, his trousers now around his ankles. What I saw was simply staggering. He was gently stroking his cock, but what a cock. It wasn’t fully erect yet but it was simply huge. My very limited experience of other mens cocks, basically only Patricks over the past three days, didn’t prepare me for the sight before me. It was so very thick, even in Bill’s large hands. It wasn’t circumcised and each time he pulled back on it the foreskin slid back easily to reveal a spectacular deep purple head. His cock was still slightly floppy, but easily as big as my own, which was fully erect. I have since come to adore cocks in that state. I can spend ages working them hard from that stage, bringing them to full, proud hardness and on the edge of exploding. Patrick caught my wide eyed stare. “A beauty isn’t it?” he said to me, “Margaret would love getting to grips with that I can tell you! Poor bitch! Bill only likes the boys so she has no chance!” he continued. Bill was grinning. “You been near his pussy yet Pat?” Bill said. He was obviously referring to me and a part of my anatomy that hadn’t been explored. “He’s fresh meat Bill! I’m his first and that was just a couple of days back.. give us a chance you randy bastard!” Patrick replied laughing. He stepped away from me, one hand still wanking my dripping cock, the other massaging my balls inside the black lace. “Look at the bloody precum Bill! No hiding he’s gagging for it is there?” he said to Bill. “Any chance of a taste?” Bill said to me. I looked at Patrick nervously. Bill was only supposed to be watching Patrick had told me. I was anxious but I could see how aroused I had made this old gent. That in turn excited me even more. Before Patrick could say anything I broke free from his grasp and walked towards where Bill was sitting. I held my engorged cock, slowly massaging the shaft. With the other hand I ran a finger over the glistening wet head and gathered some of the precum on to it. I brought the finger to my mouth and inserted it, sucking it clean. “You want some of this?” I said to Bill. The look on Bills face was one of pure lust. He didn’t need to respond. I repeated the process of coating my finger in my salty precum and stepped nearer to Bill. I brought the finger to his lips. He opened his mouth and gently licked my finger and then took it into his mouth and sucked on it hungrily. He groaned loudly. He was now working his cock with anger. I looked down at it. It was by now at full hardness and Bills hand struggled to encircle it completely. I was transfixed. The foreskin was sliding back and forth and smearing the precum he was producing over the enormous mushroom shaped head. Bill looked up at me, “Could I taste that from its source young man?” he asked me. I looked round at Patrick. He was wanking on his long slim cock furiously. His eyes riveted to what was going on. I turned back to Bill and edged closer. My hardness was now touching his chin, a sticky thread of my precum linking them. He reached up and held my now twitching cock. He examined it closely. Ever so slowly he brought it to his waiting mouth. “Such a lovely young cock” he told me, and gently licked the underside of my cocks head. Slowly he swirled his tongue around it, savouring the taste I was producing. I was now free flowing precum in my complete arousal. It was dripping down my shaft onto the hand he was slowly stroking my cock with. Patrick had walked over to us. He reached around me and took over from Bill’s hand, milking my cock into his waiting mouth. Bill took his precum covered hand and slipped it between my legs and inside the leg of my panties. I sensed what was coming. Bill gently yet forcefully found my hole, or my pussy as he called it. I looked to Patrick. “I don’t know yet Patrick” I whispered to him. “He only wants to finger you Jim” he replied. “But he was only going to be watching you said!” I said. He leaned towards me and kissed me full on the lips, his tongue forcing into my mouth. The feeling of Bills mouth on my cock combined with what he was doing with his other hand and Patricks urgent kissing was to this very day, one of the most utterly erotic experiences I have ever had. I looked down at Bill’s glorious cock. I wanted it. I wanted to make Bill explode. I pulled away from the two men and dropped down to my knees. I looked into Bills eyes with pure sexual hunger. I reached for his cock, taking over from his hand. It was breathtaking. My hand only just managing to meet around it. I slowly wanked him, pulling back the foreskin and exposing his beautiful engorged helmet which was oozing copious amounts of thick sticky precum. I lowered my mouth to it and delicately licked. Bill groaned deeply. I opened my mouth wide and enveloped the huge head. It filled my mouth completely, leaving little room to take in any of the shaft. There was easily enough shaft left for me to wank him properly as I sucked. This was pure erotic heaven. Patrick by now had kneeled on the arm of the chair and was feeding Bill his cock. Bill was devouring it hungrily whilst wanking him off. I reached down for my own cock and began to bring myself off. The smell of sex was incredible. I was really working hard on Bills beautiful manhood, my hand hitting my mouth as I wanked his shaft. Bill took Patricks cock from his mouth and said to me “I’m going to blow very soon Jim… are you ready?” I moaned and took his cock out and frantically jerked it. With a deep groan he let go. I felt the first blast on my chest, the second over my shoulder… I wasn’t going to waste it and immediately clamped my mouth around his cock again. Desperate to get every drop. Patrick was now shaking as his climax approached. “He likes it over his cock” he said to Bill. “Give it to him!” Bill told him. Patrick brought his cock over to me, wanking it hard. I was milking Bill as Patricks load erupted. It spurted first over my chest and then down over my furiously wanking hand. It felt so amazingly hot on my skin. I worked the lovely cream into my cock. Bill was now completely drained and his cock was sensitive. “Give me your cum” Bill told me. I got up off my knees and he leaned in towards me, his mouth open and tongue stretched out, eager for what I had. Patrick leaned over and began kissing me, the taste of cum driving him wild. My knees were beginning to give way as my orgasm approached. I let out a deep groan and the cum flew from me, first over Bills chest and then onto his waiting tongue and in his mouth. He quickly pulled my cock into his mouth and wanked me hard, forcing the cum from me. My balls were truly drained from all the precumming and my heavy climax. I slowly disengaged myself from my two lovers. There was cum everywhere. “Bathroom is through there young man if you want to clean up” Bill said to me. I quickly followed his directions. When I returned Patrick had dressed and Bill had pulled up his trousers. I picked up my short and began putting them on. As I bent over Bill patted my lace covered bottom. “I think we might have a lot more fun very soon… What says you Pat?” he said. Patrick laughed “ I think you are not wrong Bill!” I quickly pulled up my shorts, my face blushing. Bill saw this, “He’s gone all shy again Pat!” he said, “We’ll soon get him over that won’t we!” The two older men laughing together. Those guilty feelings returned, the ones that young men get after illicit sexual encounters. I quickly made my way to the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow Patrick” I said, “And lovely to meet you Bill”. “Lets do it again soon Jim” was Bills reply. I knew that we would be doing it again soon… very soon.

The Touch Of Another Pt 4.


I arrived home and after supper went to my room, the bag of lingerie was lying on my bed. I removed the black lace and silk garments and examined them. Black stockings with a garter belt, matching lace panties and a silk slip. I picked up the panties and brought them to my face. The texture against my skin was rough yet soft at the same time. What could Patrick want with these? I could feel myself getting aroused, a combination of handling the intimate garments and thinking of my naughty friend’s intentions. I put them back in the bag.

As I showered that evening the events of the past twenty four hours swirled through my head. I was intoxicated with feelings and desires that I had never experienced. The excitement was of an intensity which was overpowering. My young mind completely unable to disentangle the mess of sexual tension and emotions that engulfed me. I began to stroke my hardening cock, imagining my lovers hands were mine. My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the telephone and my father shouting to tell me that it was for me. I quickly pulled up my shorts, struggling to conceal my hardness, and dashed downstairs to the phone.
“Hello” I said. “Well hello there my naughty boy”, it was Patrick, my older pervy friend. My heart raced. “Fancy coming round.. sorry I missed you earlier?” he asked. “What now?” I stammered. “I can’t think of a better time… can you?” he replied. “Give me ten minutes” was my response. “Margaret gave you something for me didn’t she?” he asked. “Yes she did” I told him. “Wear them when you come”, and the line went dead.

I dashed upstairs and eagerly pulled the lace panties from the bag again. I put them on. The simple act of doing that was so deeply sensual, the feelings were incredible. They fitted perfectly, although my semi erect cock wasn’t easily contained. The lace against my cock was wonderful. My precum making them damp. I pulled on some jogging bottoms and trainers and set off for Patricks.
The sensation of wearing the black lace panties under my clothes was unbelievable.
When I arrived I rang the doorbell. Patrick buzzed me in and I climbed the stairs to his flat. The door was ajar and I slowly entered, closing the door behind me. Patrick was sitting on the sofa, his eyes boring into me intensely. “That was quick” he said. I blushed. “Is my naughty boy in need of some Uncle Patrick special attention?” he asked, grinning. I slowly nodded. “Stand over there for me… let me see you properly” he instructed me. I shuffled to the middle of the room. “Did you do what I told you?” he said. All I could do was nod. “Well let me see then!” he told me. Slowly I kicked off my trainers and then began pulling down the jogging bottoms. Patrick’s eyes devoured me. The jogging bottoms fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. “Oh my sweet lord” was all he managed to say. “Take off your T-shirt” he ordered. I pulled the shirt over my head. It left me naked in front of him, apart from the skimpy lace panties which were by now completely drenched with my precum. My hard cock forcing its way out of the top of them. ‘Come here” he said. I walked closer. He stood in front of me. He reached for my crotch and traced along the length of my hardness, pausing at the engorged head and swirling his finger around it. He brought it up to my mouth.. I licked. “Such a naughty fucking boy” he whispered. He pushed the finger into my mouth and I sucked. Back and forth he pushed his finger. “I think Jim is ready to have some fun with Uncle Patrick’s cock, isn’t he?” he said. I nodded eagerly whilst sucking hard on his finger, still tasting my own precum.

He began to undress. First his shirt and then his trousers. Quickly he was naked. This was the first time I had seen his cock, and it was so very very long. Not terribly thick but long straight and rock solid. The head was pushing through the foreskin and precum glistened. He stepped nearer, his cock bouncing off mine. He brought his face to mine and delicately kissed me. Delicate at first but then with more urgency. His tongue pushing between my lips. He was tasting my precum. We kissed hungrily, our hands all over each other. I reached for his cock. The first time I had felt another mans cock. It felt utterly wonderful. I had never been more aroused in my life. I slowly wanked it as we snogged. He did the same to me. My foreskin lodged behind the head and oozed heavily. I felt Patrick push down on my shoulders. I knew what he wanted… I wanted the same. I slowly dropped down to my knees in front of Patrick his hard cock swinging before him. I felt it beside my face, leaving trails of his precum. I reached for it, feeling its hardness. Ever so slowly I brought it to my lips. I had wanted this for so very long. My tongue traced around his swollen purple helmet, hungrily devouring the sticky silvery juice he was producing. I could hear Patrick groaning with pure lust. As I took him in my mouth I reached down for my own cock, by now fully free from the lace panties. I slowly wanked myself as I eagerly sucked on Patrick’s manhood. “You sexy sexy boy” Patrick told me, “Uncle Patrick has something very special for his naughty boy”.

I was now fully intent on pleasuring him. With one hand I wanked the shaft of his cock as my lips encircled the fantastic helmet, my other hand furiously wanking my own. “Where would you like Uncle Patrick to give you his special treat?” he asked. I slowly took him from my mouth and told him I wanted it over my cock. Quickly, my mouth enveloped him again. His cock had swollen more and his balls had tightened. I knew he would soon explode. His precum was flowing freely now. He was groaning more. I quickly pulled him from my mouth and wanked him faster, pointing his cock down over me. His knees were giving way and I knew my wait would soon be over. He started grunting and the first spurt of cum shot from him. It was strong, landing over my stomach and trailing down to my hard cock. The second I aimed better, the hot cream covering the target heavily. I grabbed my cock and began wanking his cum into it. At the same time I pulled his cock back to my mouth, catching his final spurts. I was in heaven. The taste wasn’t unpleasant… but that was irrelevant, I was in an erotic trance and all I wanted was cum and pleasure. “Oh my god! You bad bad boy! So very very fucking sexy!” Patrick whispered to me. I was moaning with pleasure. Patricks cum was now a thick froth around my cock as I wanked myself off frantically. I could feel my cum rising. “Let it go! Let it go for Uncle Patrick” my lover told me. Within seconds I was exploding jet after jet of hot cum up over my chest, some hitting my chin. Patricks cock was now softening in my mouth. He slowly pulled me up to my feet. I was a cum covered mess. Patrick reached down and milked the remainder of cum from me, it trickled down over the black lace panties which were tight below my balls. He began to kiss me, tasting his own cum on my lips. I felt weak. Drained, both physically and mentally. “Sit down” Patrick told me. I did as he said.

“That will be the first of many.. you know that don’t you?” he informed me. I laughed gently in that post-cum satisfied way. “Oh I do hope so!” I replied. “What is going on with Margaret?” I asked him. Patrick laughed. “You know she was teasing me big time earlier tonight.. and gave me these” I said, pointing down at the cum covered panties. Patrick laughed some more. “I know… she loves teasing. Margaret and I have known each other for many years. For want of a better expression, we are fuck buddies. With her husband working abroad all the time, and since his heart attack… she has shall we say… ’special’ needs!” he told me. “She knows I am bi and loves me telling her of my man fun… I told her about you. I knew she’d try something as soon as I saw her face when she met you yesterday! She had that naughty gleam in her eye!” he continued.
I was even more bewildered than ever now… I was recovering from my first explorations in man sex and all the guilt/emotions that involves and here was my older pervy seducer telling me that I was a play thing in a bizarre sexual triangle. Bewildered… very much so, but very very intrigued to take things further.

I got to my feet and began to dress. “You should wear the stockings for me next time!” Patrick said, winking at me. “Will I see you tomorrow?” I asked him. Patrick laughed loudly… “Oh we are a hungry boy aren’t we!” He didn’t know the half of it in reality! He had seduced me, and in the process awakened an erotic hunger that demanded satisfaction… to this very day.

The Touch Of Another Pt 3.



The following morning I was filled with anxiety as I made my way to work. The events of the previous day had turned my life upside down and opened up feelings and emotions I had no idea existed.

All the previous evening my mind had been a confused blur. Was I gay? I wasn’t attracted to men in the same way I was to women. I loved being around women. I desired women enormously. What was going on? Why had I been like putty in Patricks experienced hands? It must surely be the overpowering arousal… the pure erotic lust. The need to take things to incredible sexual highs.

 I knew that I wanted to give pleasure as well. Not just receive it. I found the fact that Patrick was an older man a real turn on. This mature man taking advantage of my inexperience. This aroused me no end but I knew that I wanted to return the wonderful sensations that he had given me. So far, he had been the one delivering the intense pleasure I had experienced. I wanted to know I could give someone else the same. Could I take that next step and touch another man?

I only saw Patrick once that morning. My heart was pounding. “I will be leaving at break time Jim” he said to me, “I have a dentists appointment.. but I will meet you in the pub after you finish if you like?” I told him that would be fine.


I spent the afternoon at work riding waves of arousal in anticipation of what might happen. Seven o’clock couldn’t come quickly enough.

I left work on time and headed along the seafront to the pub. I entered through the back entrance and found my way to the saloon bar that Patrick had taken me to the previous evening. I immediately saw Margaret, the attractive middle aged lady I had been introduced to. There was no sign of Patrick. “Hello there Jim” she said, with a broad smile. “What brings you here?” she continued still smiling. “I was supposed to meet Patrick” I replied. “Oh really… back for more so soon!” her smile was taking on a far more knowing look. I was blushing. “Don’t be shy! Pat and I have very few secrets!” she winked at me. “Would you like a drink?” she asked me. “A half of lager please” I said. As she ordered the drink I couldn’t help my self from watching her. She was wearing a white silky blouse which accentuated her womanly figure. I could make out the lace of her bra beneath the silk. Her breasts pressing against the material. An above the knee, figure hugging skirt rode high on her thighs as she perched on the bar stool. “There you are young man” she handed me my drink. She had caught me looking at her legs. Her smile broke into a giggle. “Whats so funny?” I asked.”Oh nothing really… I was just thinking to myself” she said with a distinct gleam in her eyes. “What draws a young chap like you to a randy dog like Patrick?” she asked. My embarrassment was starting to get the better of me and I was squirming. She could sense this. “Like I said… no secrets between me and him!” she continued. “I don’t know what you mean” I quickly replied. “Don’t be silly… you know exactly what I mean! Pat told me himself that he couldn’t wait to get in your pants!” she said laughing. “I’m not gay if thats what you think!” I defended myself. She giggled. My head was spinning. What was going on? Was she flirting with me? Or just teasing? “I’m only teasing you… nothing wrong with a bit of fun. We all like that now don’t we? I know I do!” she said, winking at me. My blushing continued.


 Where was Patrick? We continued for another ten minutes or so making small talk. Here was me, hoping to have met up with Patrick and taking our fun a bit further, and now I am being flirted with by a quite clearly provocative mature woman who was probably older than my own mother.

She drained her glass. “Well thats me Jim” she said. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Well it doesn’t look like Patrick is showing so I’ll head home” I replied. “Thats a real shame” she told me. She couldn’t have been more right. “Well I’ll see you soon Jim… don’t do anything i wouldn’t do!” she said as she got up from the stool and headed towards the door. My eyes followed her, taking in her every movement.

As I made my way out of the bar Margaret turned around, “I almost forgot!” she said as she rummaged in her bag. “I had something to give Patrick… do you think you could make sure he gets it tomorrow when you see him at work?”

“Of course” I replied as she handed me a small plastic carrier bag. “Thank you Jim…” and she leaned forward and kissed my cheek. She turned and left.

On my way home my mind was in overdrive. I had desperately hoped I could have explored further with Patrick this evening and instead I had spent half an hour being teased mercilessly by a middle-aged woman who clearly knew what I had been doing with Patrick… She didn’t seem to mind, if anything she was enjoying my discomfort and appeared to be getting a bizarre satisfaction from it. 

As I walked I looked inside the plastic bag she had given me for Patrick. If my head wasn’t spinning before it certainly was now. The bag contained what appeared to be women’s black lace lingerie. What on earth did Patrick want with women’s underwear? Was it a gift for someone? He wasn’t married, maybe a girlfriend. I didn’t think he had one but then again there was quite a lot I didn’t know about Patrick. Who was it for?