The Good Girl.


My writing recently has been focused on a delicious relationship that has been unfolding with a follower of mine on Instagram… In my last post here, I wrote of a dream I had about her. She has since read the piece and things have moved on. I now write for her regularly, sharing fantasies and exploring our dreams together. The muse/master dimension has developed further and it is a common theme in our conversations and the post today is one of the stories that emerged from one of these. I couldn’t have written it without her… her input is so very inspirational to me as I write.

Without further ado… here is the story of ‘The Good Girl’. 

You had been a good girl… you had followed the instructions I had left for you perfectly. Wearing only the black lingerie I had left prepared, you had tied each of your beautiful slender ankles loosely to the bedposts at the foot of the bed with the polka dot silk scarves. Your legs held invitingly apart…

You had carefully tied another silk scarf as a blindfold… before finally clicking the handcuffs closed around your wrists, tethered to the cold steel of the ornate bed head. That final act of submission had left you helpless… at the mercy of the unfolding adventure…

You know how much I desire you… the intense lust I struggle to control. The demons contained within me that you are determined to unleash. You know this… and much more. You have prepared for me meticulously… blood red lips… the black lace lingerie perfect against your pale skin. Thin, like gossamer… barely concealing you… and in places simply unable to conceal the arousal you are feeling.

You hear the door opening… your body tenses in pure anticipation of what is to come. Your sweet surrender so soon to be rewarded. That moment so rapidly approaching.

You loved toying with me… teasing me with glimpses of what I yearn to see. Letting me see just enough… but no more. Never quite enough to satisfy my lust for you. You know this.

…but now the time has come. Your deliverance to me. My turn to tease… to torment… to torture.

That first touch… fingers stroking the calves of your legs… running down to your feet… delicious through the fabric of your stockings. The stockings that made you feel so very sexy when you wore them… now that sexiness was real. Your body tingles. You feel the weight on the bed beside you. The fingers disappear… leaving you desperate. Your lips parted as you inhale deeply. The lips you always touch when you think of me.

You feel the fingers return. Brushing your cheek… and then on either side of your neck. Your whole being is on fire… as the fingers, barely touching, continue across your chest. Tracing the silky straps of your bra… down. You are burning inside… deep inside. Delicately they touch the fullness of your breasts… the thin lace struggling to contain you as you gasp. The fingers circle your hardening nipples through the texture of the material. You exhale deeply as the fingers gently tease them. Your back arches… pushing your chest upwards to meet your torturer.

The fingers find the edge of the fabric that encases your breasts… slowly peeling it away… exposing you… freeing you. Your nipples proud and urgent… their darkness against your pale skin… desperate for attention. You feel a tongue touch… then circle your hardness… as fingers squeeze the other. Your breathing now coming faster… your mind dizzy at the intoxicating thoughts swirling around. The torment is becoming almost too much to bear… your hands desperate to be free from their restraint. Your whole body quivers with the intense torture your senses are struggling to contain.

There is a brief pause in your sensual onslaught… the fingers and tongue disappear… only to return. Now trailing across your soft belly. Fingers brush your sides… you shiver. Slowly they move down… hardly touching you… but they are there. You are moaning softly as they lightly caress the soft inside of your thighs above your stockings. Your mind sees yourself… your sweet submission… your surrender… exposed and restrained. The picture you see is so overwhelmingly sensual… your fantasy becoming reality… your dream is here and now.

You feel the fingers approach… your legs stiffen… your senses are deprived of the stimulation you crave… you crave to touch… to taste… to see. Instead, your mind is going crazy with the torture you are enduring… the delicious torture. You long for release… to feel the sensations build inside of you. For so long you have waited… the aching inside… for too long it has been your own fingers administering the pleasures that you desperately need. Longing for your master. For him to liberate you… free you from the shackles of everyday life… to set free the wild horses inside you.

When that touch arrived… it was as though your entire body had become completely beyond your control… such was the intensity of the waves of sheer pleasure. The fingers delicately touched your most intimate place through the fine lace of your panties…  one finger slowly and precisely teased you along the length of your delicious place… your temple.

Your body began to writhe… your hips moving against the movement of the touch. You feel warm breath through the lace… the fingers carefully pulled aside the lace… your arousal is impossible to hide… your lips swollen and ready. Gently the fingers go about their heavenly work… you open your thighs in surrender… frantically pleading for more… the fingers part your lips and find your most sensitive of places…

You know the moment is coming… it doesn’t prepare you though… nothing ever could… it is as though the tongue is delivering a magical spell on your whole body… at first delicately teasing… but then forceful… first probing your depths, devouring you, and then pressing hard against your erect clit… you can feel your orgasm begin to build… wave upon wave… each one stronger than the last… your body no longer your own… you are overcome with carnal desires.

Your moans are becoming more urgent… you are so close… you struggle to be free… to return the passion… to participate in the giving of intense pleasure… I know you are ready… I know…

The point of no return is approaching… the sensations are becoming violently intense as the tongue hungrily devours your nectar… that is when your whole world begins to spin… the moment you feel my lips kiss you and find your tongue… stifling your cries… as the other tongue tastes your climax… your release…

The end (or the beginning?)

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