The Dream…


It has been a couple of months since I have written anything… several reasons I suppose. Firstly, I lost some inspiration following a rather unpleasant online experience, and secondly I have been focussing more on my photography. To a certain extent, I thought I had lost my mojo… but recently I have somehow restored my motivation, not least because I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a woman who has inspired me to write again. Even though we have never met in person, something inside us both connected in a deeply meaningful way. She has been an enigma to me for some time… I have admired the imagery she has posted to her Instagram account for some time and I could sense a kindred spirit. A sensual soul who has a depth I simply had to explore. We have become extremely close… sharing ideas and passions with an enthusiasm that is so refreshing and exciting. Her sensuality to me is quite intoxicating and I find her in my thoughts a great deal of the time. I shared with her a dream I had which I found intensely vivid and entered around the general direction some of our conversations have taken. In so many respects I have seen her as my muse… and there has been a slight hint of me taking on the role of “Master” in these conversations. This is a new experience for me… but something I am finding incredibly arousing. So anyway. I am going to share the dream I had here in my blog in it’s entirety. I know she will read it… which makes me so very nervous, but I had to do it because it has had a profoundly sensual effect upon me. Here goes!

The Dream.

I knew you could hear the key in the lock as I turned it. I had instructed you to wait patiently for me. I knew you would. I knew you would be there, just as I told you. I slowly opened the door… longing for that very first time my eyes see you for real. In the flesh. You are more beautiful than I could have imagined. You come into view as the door opens. I stifle a gasp.

You are sitting on a chair facing the door, in the middle of the room. You are dressed exactly as I had asked. A white shirt of beautiful thin cotton, perfectly fitting your delicious body. A black skirt which hugs your curves and stops just above the knees. Black stockings adorn your smooth legs, and black shoes with high heels complement your slim legs. Your hands rest on your knees… waiting. You cannot see me, but you know I am there. The silk scarf covers your eyes, tied at the back of your head. I can see your chest rise and fall in anticipation as you breath. I approach you.

The atmosphere is like electricity between us. We have been waiting for this moment for so long. Your lips are slightly apart… beautiful in the dark red lipstick. I see your tongue move slowly across them, almost tasting the tension. I stand before you… devouring you with my eyes. Taking in every detail of you. The rich chestnut colour of your hair. The skin like porcelain. The fabric of your bra… visible against the white cotton if your shirt. The fullness of your beautiful breasts.

My eyes drop. Your figure hugging skirt accentuating the pure femininity of your thighs… and then the sheer texture of your stockings. Your delicate hands clutching your knees. The wonderful muscles of your calves… enhanced by the black high heeled shoes. I whisper your name… You gasp.

I move my hand towards you… almost terrified of touching my beautiful muse. But I do. So very gently, I delicately brush my fingers along the underside of one of your breasts… your whole body responds. An uncontrollable tremble runs through your whole being. You throw your head back. I remove my hand and watch. No words are needed. I know you want me to replace it.

Slowly I bring my face to yours. This moment has been so very long in coming. My lips touch yours… and I gently run my hand across your cheek.

I feel your tongue on my lips… delicately exploring me. Tasting me for the very first time. There is an urgency as our hunger for each other takes hold. We kiss deeply, tongues entwined.

I pull slowly away and watch you… your breathing is now heavy and your breasts strain against their constraints. I am mesmerised by your beauty. The pure sensuality that you own and that has been hidden from me for so long. I reach for the buttons of your shirt. Although your eyes are covered, you can see in your mind what I am doing. You have wanted this for so long. Ravenous for my touch. You tremble with desire for your Master…

Gradually, the beauty of your body is exposed to me as I unbutton your shirt. My eyes fall upon the wonderful cleavage of your breasts. I hear you whisper… “please…”.

I slowly open your shirt… I gasp. I was not prepared for the magnificence that is before me. The pictures you had sent me were beautiful… but I am overwhelmed by what my eyes have before them. The delicate lace that encases your voluptuous femininity… the tiny bow in the middle… the fabric cannot conceal your arousal. It is quite obvious.

My desire to touch you is overpowering and I give in. my fingers settle on the delicious fabric of your bra and delicately trace the intricate patterns that cover your breast. I can hear you panting breaths. Your hands grasping your knees tightly…. desperately resisting your desire to reach for me. You know that is not allowed… yet…

My fingers run along the edge of your bra… where fabric meets flesh. Very gently I slip my fingers beneath the fabric. I feel the softness. The fullness. The lace peels back as my hand encircles you. I can feel the weight of your breast in my hand…. your breathing is rasping now… the desperation so very apparent. My thumb brushes your hard nipple. Tentatively at first. Feeling your shiver. I draw little circles around your beautiful sensitive skin with my fingers.

I slowly bring my mouth to it and delicately take it between my teeth… your chest now heaving uncontrollably with desire.  Your hands now clawing at your thighs… your skirt riding up.

I move away from you and watch. My muse is in a deeply erotic and sensual heaven. I want this moment to last forever.

I slowly drop to my knees at your feet… taking in every detail of you. I slowly run my hand along your stocking covered skin. You visibly tremble at the touch. I do the same with the other, stroking your beautiful legs and appreciating your smoothness beneath the the sheer material. One hand glides over your knee… and reaches your thigh, briefly touching your hand. You desperately want to reach for me… but you know the rules of our game…

My fingers find the cool skin above your stocking… You are struggling to control yourself… the delicious torment. I reach for your other silken thigh… ‘Did you do as I said?’ I ask…. you nod your head vigorously ‘Yesss’ you stammer. Your voice breaking slightly at the immense sensuality of what is happening. I can see your cheeks are burning… your mouth is dry and you slowly run your tongue along your lips.

‘Show me…’ I tell you. Incredibly slowly you part your thighs. The tension in the air is as though the world has stopped turning. My eyes drop from your face… their gaze falls on the smoothness of your thighs as they gradually reveal their secrets. I have forgotten to breath. I am entirely enthralled… completely under your spell, and you know it.

Without me uttering a word… your hand moves beneath the edge of your skirt. My eyes follow. Your fingers glide along your thigh… I am suffocating with desire for you. You slowly and so incredibly delicately run a finger along the swollen lips of your of your most intimate of places…. I hear you inhale deeply at your own touch. I can only watch… as a rabbit in headlights as you gently tease yourself.

As I watch… you spread your stocking clad legs even wider, your skirt riding high and exposing you to my hungry eyes. You gently pull apart your delicious lips and show me a glimpse of something I only dreamt of. You are so very wet and your clit is so very prominent… desperately needing….

With one movement you raise a hand and pull the silk scarf from your eyes… I see the fire burning within you. Our eyes locked. Your hand drops back to the heavenly place… I devour you with my eyes as you delicately but purposefully begin to touch yourself.

My arousal is intense as I watch in pure lust at the wonderful sight before me… You know what you are doing to me… as your fingers go about their delicious work. I gasp as you gently place a finger inside yourself… enveloped in your heavenly pinkness… your head thrown back.

I can see the intense pleasure in your face as you reveal to me what you have been doing as we have chatted… but this time it is for real. You know my eyes are on your every movement.

I see the wetness your arousal has caused… the delicious nectar I have lost sleep over. You know this… Slowly you withdraw your finger… and painfully slowly bring it to my lips. I smell your pure femininity as I touch your finger with my tongue… before hungrily devouring it.

Your other hand reaches for my hair… your fingers tightly clenched, you pull my face to your secret place… I am at your mercy. I know you desire this. I run my tongue along the length of your beautiful lips and find your most sensitive part… my tongue pushes into you and slowly presses up against your clit… your whole body is shaking. I taste your arousal. I hear your voice… ‘Take me my master… now’

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