The Three Of Us.

51DB90FE-A74A-4346-AE38-31BBABFDE934Image by @tastyartgurl

At this current point in my journey of erotic discovery, the pinnacle of sexual gratification is found in the exhilaration of giving complete satisfaction to a man and a woman together. The sheer sense of control is immense. Of course they both have to be receptive to the experience… but when that happens the electricity is mind changing.

Currently I am involved in a lovely, evolving relationship with an older middle aged gent and his wife. I have been seeing him occasionally for man on man fun but recently he introduced the whole idea of his wife seeing him with another man. She had been highly aroused during their lovemaking when he took from her the dildo she was toying herself with as she sucked him, and brought it to his mouth. She erupted in what she described as the most delicious orgasm she had ever experienced as she plunged her fingers into her wet pussy.

Over several days he had introduced the idea to her that maybe a real cock might be even better. She knew that he had explored with other men years ago, and so it came as nothing devastating to her when he suggested it.

Their lovemaking had reached intense heights as they explored their fantasy…

Mike told me of what was going on with his wife during a steamy session involving me wearing a matching set of lingerie which had become a big part of our meetings. This aroused me hugely simply because I knew it sent Mike wild. I suggested that maybe we could “arrange” for her to catch us…. That is how it began.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was in Mike’s lounge parading for him in the silk and lace lingerie as he sat naked on the sofa, stroking his erect cock. It was a Saturday afternoon and Sue, his wife, was out clothes shopping as was her norm. She would always meet up with her friends for a few drinks afterwards and when she returned she would model her purchases for Mike. This inevitably ended in the bedroom. How little she knew today.

I was on my knees between Mike’s legs when we both heard the door, his cock deep in my throat. I felt Mike jump. His anxiety getting the better of him. I grasped the shaft of his cock firmly and held him in my mouth. The sound of her heels on the tiled floor came closer. “Mike! I’m home…”  she announced. “Where are…”. Her question unfinished. She stood in the lounge doorway. Her eyes wide in sheer disbelief at what they were seeing. “What the fuck is going on?” She said, stepping further into the room. “Don’t even bother telling me its not what I think you fucking bastard” she shouted, visibly shaking. Mike held his nerve, and as I let his cock slip from my mouth he roughly pulled my head back down. He stared across the room at her. “This is what you want…” he told her. “…You know it. I know it”.

I raised my head from Mike and turned to look at Sue, a string of saliva mixed with precum stretched from my lips to the glorious shiny cock head. I said nothing. Just stared. Mikes hand still rested on my head. I could see Sue visibly relax as she sat down on the sofa. I turned to face Mike again, gathering the sticky string in my fingers and devouring. My hand still gripped his obscene hardness and I plunged him back where it belonged. Mike groaned loudly as I milked his cock for more nectar. All this time Mike had been fingering my tight hole as I worked on him, occasionally gathering precum from my free flowing cock and lubing his finger.

In the corner of my eye I could see Sue. She was watching intently at the display before her. A hand had strayed between the buttons of her blouse and she was plainly enjoying the spectacle. “Stand up” Mike instructed me. I gradually raised to my feet, fully aware of how I must look in the black lace and silk lingerie. My cock was luridly hard in front of me, the panties unable to contain my arousal. Mike reached for me. He ran a finger around the crown and scooped up precum. He brought it to his lips and hungrily licked the salty sticky fluid, all the time staring into his wife’s eyes. I heard her gasp, and looked over to her. Her skirt was pulled high up her thighs and she had a hand inside her panties. Her silky smooth legs spread wide. She had a glazed look across her eyes. That look which signals that the point of no return. 

Mike dropped slowly to his knees and reached my hardness. Sue was hypnotised by what she was witnessing. He gradually brought my cock to his mouth, all the time his eyes were locked on Sue’s. Mike was gripping my shaft firmly as he sucked. His lips tightly around my sticky cock. Devouring me. I looked down and Mikes cock was fully erect and dripping. Sue saw me look. “Bring him to me” she told me. I reached down and held his rigid manhood, Mike stood up and I led him to his waiting wife.

As we drew closer she barked at me, “On your knees bitch!” I did as she said. “Now go to work” she growled and grabbed me by the hair and roughly pulling me to her pussy. I was in heaven. My fingers held her panties aside as my mouth found her. My tongue parting her swollen lips and pushing deeper. Her taste was intoxicating. She was wonderfully wet and wouldn’t need much work from me  to prepare her for Mikes angry cock. I looked over her stomach and Mike was up to the hilt in Sue’s mouth as she deepthroated him… saliva and precum dripping from her chin. Sue’s hand gripped my head hard as she ground my face against her glorious wetness.

I felt Mike’s hand on my shoulder, he urged me aside. The time had come. “Put him in me” she hissed at me. I came beside her as Mike replaced me between her thighs. I reached for his cock and began wanking him firmly, all the time drawing him closer to Sue’s hotness.

I leaned across her tummy and parted her lips, my tongue probing for her clit. I pulled Mike’s cock closer until his swollen head was at her entrance, just touching her engorged lips as I delicately nibbled her. I gradually slid him inside her, but not before I had gently slid his cock up and down the length of her pussy. I felt him enter her inner lips and heard Sue’s breathing become heavier. She had unfastened her blouse and pulled her bra aside exposing her heavy breasts. She was rolling each nipple hard between her fingers, her head thrown back. Suddenly I felt Mike plunge his cock deep inside her, Sue’s legs wrapping around his waist pulling him deeper. My face was inches away and I was in a trance. I lived for these moments. Mike thrust  hard four or five times and then slowly withdrew his heavily coated cock. I pounced. Pure erotic lust took over as I swallowed him and he began fucking my face. My hand grasping my own cock matching his rhythm as he ravaged my mouth, precum pouring from me through the intensity of my arousal. Sue ferociously fingered her clit in the absence of Mikes cock and my tongue. I took hold of his cock again and began forcing him back inside her, this time keeping my tongue at the swollen  red protrusion, frantically replicating the actions of her fingers. I loved the control I knew I had. I reached around Mike’s thigh and held his balls. This way I knew when he was ready. I could time his climax to meet Sue’s. That was so much harder to predict but I was confident there would be no pretence… we were all in that deep state of arousal where games are irrelevant. No hiding.

I could sense that Sue’s time was rapidly approaching as she clamped Mike harder with each thrust and her hands clawing at my head. I could hear her muttering, barely comprehensible. I teased Mike’s hole with a finger as I clutched his tightening balls. He groaned a deep growl and his pace quickened. Like a wild animal he fucked. I could feel Sue begin her climax, her whole body began to convulse uncontrollably, her breasts heaving violently as he approached his own. I felt Mikes balls tighten and his thrusts become impossibly more purposeful. He arched his back and with a final drive home I felt the base of his shaft begin to swell pump his seed deep inside her. Sue was shaking violently as she felt his cock deliver the precious load. I patiently waited… my reward would come soon. I felt the delicious ooze on my tongue from where his cock was still deep within. As Sue’s shaking subsided Mike slowly began to slide from her, my tongue running along its length as it emerged. His thick cum mixed with her taste coated him. As his head appeared I pushed forward and filled my mouth with his still swollen helmet. His cock lurched involuntarily as I deeply sucked his sensitised manhood. I ran my fingers the length of Sue’s pussy and scooped the cum from her, bringing them to my hungry mouth as I cleaned Mike’s cock… My time had arrived. I stroked the length of my cock, feeling that unstoppable moment getting closer….

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