The Touch Of Another Pt 8

FDE44BE7-D2C6-4000-8885-639E25FBDC89Image by @tastyartgurl

…I let Patrick’s cock slip from my mouth, a string of precum and saliva hung between my lips and the swollen head of his hardness. “I said don’t stop!” Margaret repeated. She had walked into the room now and stood beside us. I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was awash with feelings of self loathing. Naked aside from the lingerie. What was I doing? I stared down in shame. Before I had any time to gather my emotions into some form of action I felt Margaret’s hand stroking my head. “That was so beautiful to watch…. please don’t stop” her voice was so full of a genuine desire. I looked up at her. This woman was the age of my mother and yet so completely different. This woman was at ease with herself… in control, not just of the situation I found myself in. In control of herself. Her desires, her needs. I was, at this moment, a component in what she desired.

I looked up at Patrick. His eyes met mine. “Good lad… lets show her how good you are” he whispered to me. I was transfixed by both his stare and his words and slowly brought my mouth back to the unfinished work I had begun not a couple of minutes before. Margaret’s fingers were running through my hair and gently forcing my head further down on the beautiful cock. I brought my hand back around the solid shaft of this man’s symbol of manhood, all the time completely aware of my total vulnerability… a young man clad in utterly feminine lingerie at the feet of another man, and yet I had feelings of control. To this day I know that what I was doing was giving both Patrick and Margaret immense pleasure. Pure pleasure. As that thought went through my mind I intensified the attention I was giving to my given task. 

Whilst I pleasured Patrick, his hands grasping my head, Margaret had lowered to the sofa. In the intoxicating tension of what I was doing my attention was drawn to her. I was intensely aroused simply by participating in my worship of Patrick’s cock, but what she was doing stopped me in my duties… “You like?” Margaret asked. Her black skirt pulled luridly up her thighs exposing her stocking clad legs and much more. Her legs were widely spread. She brought the fingers of one hand down between her legs. I was instantly in her command. My feelings of control evaporated. Her fingers delicately parted the swollen lips of her pussy, her middle finger plunging deep into the moistness of herself. My head was spinning. “Just concentrate on making Patrick ready for me Jim…. although I think perhaps it might be nice if you gave me a little attention” she told me. Patrick looked down at me with glazed eyes… “Go on boy… the lady wants attention!” Patrick told me. I dropped his cock and slowly crawled between Margaret’s waiting thighs. She raised one leg and rested her calf on my shoulder. The feeling of her leg wrapping and pulling me closer behind my neck was inescapable. But I had no intentions of escape. I drew myself closer to the heat of her waiting pussy. Delicately I touched her with my tongue, exploring this new anatomy. I gently ran my tongue down one of her lips and then back up the other. Her taste. Her texture. Her wetness. I felt Margaret’s hand at the back of my head pulling me closer. I had no knowledge of how to pleasure a woman in this way, but her hands guided me. My tongue found the top of her pussy. At this point she pulled me forcefully. My tongue was deep inside her and I could feel the vice like grip of her leg around my neck. The deep softness of her was literally tingling on my tongue. I pressed my tongue upwards and could hear Margaret groan. I felt another hand on my head. It was Patricks. His hands forcing me harder against her. I could feel Margaret shuddering. Patrick had brought his cock beside my face and I took the hint. I reached for him and gripped him hard. Precum was dripping copiously and I lunged for it with my waiting mouth. “Fuck yess!” Patrick groaned. Margarets hand pushing my head, forcing more of his cock in my mouth. “Good girl” I heard Margaret say. In that moment it didn’t matter. Girl, boy…. nothing mattered. “Now put him in me…’ she barked. I grasped Patrick and brought his obscenely hard cock against the lips of her pussy. “Now lick me…” the instruction came. I was in a trance. I parted Margaret’s lips and brought the shiny angry head of his cock to them whilst licking along his hard shaft and her swollen red clit. Slowly I eased Patrick inside her, all the time running my tongue around where they met. The sensation was completely overwhelming. My only thought was of giving pleasure. My own gratification was insignificant despite the free flowing evidence from my as yet ignored self. 

Patrick plunged deeply and slowly withdrew, his cock coated with Margaret’s arousal. Patrick grabbed my hair and pulled me close. I knew what was asked. I licked his shaft before he drove himself into her again. In the tangled of stocking clad limbs and silk, I brought my head to rest on Margaret’s stomach, my eyes fixed on the quickening rhythm of Patrick. He suddenly withdrew and stabbed fiercely at my mouth. I was lost in the moment. The pure hedonism of what was happening had taken over completely. I hungrily sucked on his cock. I could feel Margaret fighting with the buttons of her blouse. I could see her pulling aside the black lace of her bra as I worked on the rigid cock. Patrick pulled away from me but I still held him. I guided him back into her pussy, slurping around the head of his cock as he entered. I could hear Margaret urging him “Fuck me hard… really hard”, and her grabbing my hair and roughly pulling me to her breast. I blindly sought the rough texture of her thickened hard nipple. I could feel her hand cupping my balls under the fabric of my panties, her fingers grasping for my cock. I can still feel that as I write this. “Bite them…” I heard her tell me, but I knew already. Pure animalistic instinct had taken over. Patrick was thrusting deep long and hard as Margaret gripped me firmly, her breasts heaving as I clung on. I could hear Patrick groaning. I knew that sound he made, even after only a few brief encounters. Margaret pushed my head down just as Patrick pulled away, frantically working his cock. The first violent jet of cum flew wildly across my face. I reached desperately for the cock. I wanted it. I wanked him hard into my mouth. I could feel his cock spasm in my grip. His balls tight as he delivered. My mouth filled. Margaret’s hand forcing my head down on him. I was gagging but through insane delirious pleasure as Margaret pulled hard on my cock. I could feel the involuntary waves of ecstasy rise. The feelings were indescribable. I felt in a dream, a fabulous dream with an element of control. 

That very moment, I knew that my life would be dictated by feelings and urges that know no bounds. I knew that these levels of intense pleasure were totally abstract, they were personal. They were mine. They are mine. 

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