The Touch Of Another Pt 7.

A continuation of my adventures one summer….

I virtually ran home after work that night. I didn’t have much time before I was to meet Patrick as we had arranged. I quickly showered and went into my bedroom to dress. The bag containing the garments Patrick had instructed me to wear was on my bed. I emptied them out. My heart was racing… my mind was awash with wild thoughts. I picked up the stockings and began to put them on. The mere act of doing this I found intensely erotic, and still do to this day. The sensations from the fabric was so wonderfully sensual. Once on, I then fumbled with the garter belt and fastened the little clips onto the lacy stocking tops. I stood and examined myself in the mirror… I looked simultaneously ridiculous yet incredibly arousing. My hard cock swinging in front of me as I slipped into the lace panties. The fabric couldn’t contain me. I felt strangely empowered. I knew Patrick wanted me like this. I knew this was his fantasy. My feminisation. As I looked at myself I felt a wonderful sense of control. He wouldn’t be able to resist me.

I lastly put on the silk camisole. My nipples hard against the soft material, clearly visible beneath. Quickly I concealed myself under jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt and headed out.

As I headed for the pub to meet Patrick I could feel the stockings against my skin. The sensations were so intoxicating as I passed people in the street… if only they knew. These thoughts aroused me even more. My naughty secret, hidden from view.

I entered the pub and approached the bar, my eyes sweeping the room for Patrick. He was sitting with Margaret in a small booth at the far side of the room. I ordered a bottle of beer and joined them. “Hi Jim” said Margaret with a big smile. I sensed she had been here some time. “Pull up a seat” Patrick told me. I sat down and took a long swig of my beer. I could feel Patrick’s eyes on me. “I’ll be heading now boys” Margaret said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” leaning over and pecking Patrick on the cheek. “Lovely meeting you again Jim”, and with that she headed for the door. 

Patrick looked at me, “Well?” He said. “Well what?” I replied. His eyes drifted down to my crotch. His voice lowered, “Has young Jim got a surprise for me?” I blushed. He laughed. “Don’t be coy with me! I know you’re as horny as I am” he said. I didn’t yet feel comfortable with this matter of fact style of chat. He was right of course but at that time in my life, being up front about all things sexual was limited to lewd comments regarding girls boobs or such. 

“Come on… drink up and we’ll head back to mine” he said, downing the remainder of his glass. I hurriedly gulped down my beer and rose to my feet. I followed Patrick to the door and we made our way out.

As we made our way to his flat my mind was wild with so many thoughts, fears, anxieties. In the space of just a few days I had gone from being a typical college student doing college student things to a completely confused mess of emotions. Here I was going to another mans flat with the sole intention of having sex. No love. Just pure erotic pleasure for its own sake. The excitement was utterly overwhelming. 

Patrick opened the door to his flat and I climbed the stairs with him following. I knew he was undressing me with his eyes. I was giddy with that thought. Being molested by him. I walked through into the lounge and turned to face him. He made his way to the sofa and sat down. Our eyes met. I will never forget that look… not a single word was necessary. His eyes were imploring me to reveal for him the fantasy he desperately craved. I kicked off my trainers and began to slowly remove the track suit bottoms. I could hear his breathing quicken as he got his first glimpse of the lingerie. Inch by inch I revealed until they were on the floor. I stepped out of them. “Holy fuck! Yessss” was all he could say as he feasted his eyes on my stocking clad legs. His hand reached down to his bulging crotch and rubbed. I began to raise the sweatshirt over my head and i could hear him gasp as he saw my hardness restrained by the lace panties. Finally the metamorphosis was complete and I stood before him for his pleasure. I have never felt as sexually desired as I did in that moment. The lust he had for me was palpable. “Come closer” he whispered. I stepped nearer. He was undressing as he spoke. “Turn around” he told me. I did as he said, feeling both anxiety and excitement in equal measure. Suddenly I felt his hand stroke my thigh, and then another stroking by waist through the silk camisole. I shivered. The hand at my waist encircled me and he felt for my hardness. I groaned as he gripped me through the lace. I turned to face him. He stared deep into my eyes as his hand gently pulled at the waist of the panties. He looked down. My erect cock there for his gaze, precum oozing from its head. He ran a finger around the crown, gathering the sticky nectar. I knew what he would do next. Slowly he brought the finger to my lips. They parted and I delicately licked, then closed my lips around his finger and sucked it clean. “Good boy…. such a good boy” he said. I looked down and his engorged cock stood angrily towards me. I inched closer, our cocks just touching. The sticky precum from our cocks mingling as they jousted. It was an intensely erotic moment. Every atom in my body was sensitised to what was happening. I felt his hand on my shoulder pressing me down. I dropped to my knees before him. His rampant cock beside my face. I reached for it and grasped him firmly, examining the shiny mushroom head. I looked up at him and then so very gently began to run my tongue up the length of his shaft, all the while maintaining eye contact. As my tongue swirled around the rim of his helmet his legs shuddered violently. My lips encircled the taught smooth head and I knew he was mine. My hand gripping his shaft began to slowly milk the precum from him as I devoured every drop.

It was at that moment I heard the noise behind me… I froze completely. “Don’t let me stop you…” a voice said. It was Margaret….35121E90-D816-494B-9989-F39B11261EF4

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