The Touch Of Another Pt 6.

I didn’t sleep much after my experiences the previous evening, when Pat took me round to his friend Bill’s house. It was just a week since my first experience of man sex and already I had been introduced to wearing ladies underwear and the fun to be had with a third person. Not only that but Pat had also introduced me to his middle aged friend Margaret who had been teasing me mercilessly, and had even given Pat some lingerie for me to wear for him.

I headed for work in the morning eager to meet up with Pat at our break time. I had washed and dried the lace panties from the previous night and had them with me in my pocket. My break finally arrived and I waited for Pat to arrive in the staff room. He came in and sat down at the table opposite me. I was much less nervous than I had been with him previously but I still blushed when he asked me how I was. He asked me if I had enjoyed last night and if I wanted to repeat it some time. Of course I was! He passed a small carrier bag across the table. “Whats this?” I asked. “Look and see” he replied. I opened the bag and peered inside. There was a tangle of black lace and I couldn’t really tell what it was. I took it from the bag. I separated the items.. a pair of black silk stockings, a suspender belt, and a lace camisole. I was instantly hard.

“Margaret gave them to me for you” he informed me. The blood was rushing to my face. I was confused by all this. My young inexperienced head couldn’t fathom what kind of relationship Pat had with Margaret. “She wants you to wear them for me” he said. I asked him if she minded the fact that he was “doing stuff” with another man. He began to explain to me how it had all came about. 

They had become friends a couple of years previous. Her husband was older than she was and worked in The Middle East and was only home a couple of times a year. She had needs and so did Pat. They had met in the pub around the corner from her shop and one thing led to another. They would meet up several times a week. I asked him how she found out about him playing with other men. It had happened whilst they were fucking. Often they had used one of her vibrators when they were playing, he liked to see her sucking it as they fucked. This led to him sucking it too and that sent her wild. She had asked him if he had ever sucked a real one and he told her lots. She was incredibly aroused by that. 

All the time Pat was telling me this I was becoming increasingly aroused… the thought of her watching me and Pat was overpowering. “Has she ever seen you?” I asked him. “Not yet” was his reply, “But it is something we are working on!” he grinned. My head spun with excitement. I had only really experienced fumbled sexual encounters in my life at that time. I was 19 and, whilst not a virgin, had only messed around, not really knowing what I was doing or what it was I was trying to do. Here I was being seduced into a far more adult world where the erotic was the objective. Where inhibitions were lost and pure sexual exploration took over. 

“Is that what this is all about?” I asked Pat, holding the black lace lingerie up. “What do you think?” was his response. I had no idea what to think. “Does that make you hard?” he carried on. “I think my naughty boy would like to see Uncle Pat and Aunt Margaret playing together. In fact I think he would like to make his uncle nice and hard for auntie, and his auntie nice and wet for Uncle Pat”. 

By now I was squirming with arousal and he knew it. “I think that thought has made you ooze hasn’t it?” he asked. I could only nod. “Taste it for your uncle” he instructed me. I slowly slid my hand inside the waist of my pants. I was achingly hard and the head of my cock was sticky with the precum that Patrick’s teasing had made me produce. I ran a finger around it, gathering up as much as I could. I removed my hand and slowly brought the finger to my lips. Patrick’s eyes were boring into me as I began to lick my sticky finger gently. “Such a good boy. Does that taste nice?” he said. Again I could only nod. “I think somebody needs sorting out down below. Do you?” he asked. “Yesss” I murmured back. “Go upstairs to the store room and I will be there in two minutes, theres a good lad” he told me.


I climbed the stairs at the back of the restaurant and made my way to the store room. Nobody ever came up here except me so there was no chance of being caught. I opened the door and found the light switch. I could hear Pat climbing the stairs. I turned to face the door as he arrived. He walked towards me and reached for my bulging crotch. I shivered at his touch and he grinned. He moved closer and brought his face to mine and kissed me on the lips, running his tongue the length of my mouth, savouring the taste of my precum which still lingered. I could feel his hands unfasten my jeans as his tongue forced into my mouth urgently. He slowly pulled away then dropped down to his knees in front of me. His hands began tugging my jeans down along with my underpants… all the time staring up into my eyes. My fully aroused cock sprang out from its confines and stood proudly before him. “Oh my sweet Lord! You must be so ready… Look how wet you are” he whispered to me. The head of my cock was forcing through the foreskin and was free flowing with my lovely precum. With one hand he cupped my aching balls and with the other he slowly pulled back my foreskin exposing fully the swollen purple head. All the time he was examining it intently. “So very very beautiful” he told me. “How often do you cum in a day?” he asked. “Two or three times I suppose” I replied. “Wonderful! The beauty of youth. Have you got plenty for Uncle Patrick now?” I was in heaven. “I think so” was all I managed to say. Slowly he moved his firm hand backwards an forwards along the length of my rigid shaft. Beads of precum dripped from the slit in the head. Pat moved closer and delicately tasted the shiny sticky liquid with the tip of his tongue. A string formed between my cock and his mouth. I felt weak with desire as he brought his mouth back to it again, this time enveloping the whole of the head of my cock. I could feel his tongue circling the sensitive head, devouring the copious amount of juice I was producing. The pure arousal was overpowering as he wanked and sucked my hardness. Pat got back to his feet and stood in front of me, his hand still massaging my dripping cock. We kissed deeply, our tongues probing, the taste of my own precum was driving me wild. I reached down and felt Pat’s hard cock through his pants. I wanted it bad. “Save that for later young man” he told me, “I want to have lots for you this evening…’ he broke off and crouched down again, taking me back into his mouth, this time with eager intent. His sucked furiously as he wanked me harder. I could feel the cum rising. I was in heaven and wanted the feelings to go on for ever. I felt my knees start to weaken with my approaching orgasm. I began to groan from deep inside. My hands clutched Pat’s head and my pelvis began to thrust involuntarily. My balls tightened and I began to release my load. “Fuck yessss!” I cried. Pat’s mouth was clamped around my cock and his hand continued to wank the cum from me into his throat. My climax began to subside and I pulled away, my cock becoming too sensitive. Pat got to his feet and kissed me again, this time making sure I got to share some of what I had produced. I had tasted my own cum before… but this was so erotic from another mans lips. “Good lad. Tonight you can return the favour” he told me grinning. I could only look back at him through glazed eyes, nodding. I began fastening my trousers. “I’ll meet you in the pub at about 8…. and make sure you’ve got that stuff I gave you on” he said. I nodded. I couldn’t believe what I was getting into, but I was not going back now. I wanted much more, and I was sure Pat had much more to show me.

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