The Touch Of Another Pt 4.


I arrived home and after supper went to my room, the bag of lingerie was lying on my bed. I removed the black lace and silk garments and examined them. Black stockings with a garter belt, matching lace panties and a silk slip. I picked up the panties and brought them to my face. The texture against my skin was rough yet soft at the same time. What could Patrick want with these? I could feel myself getting aroused, a combination of handling the intimate garments and thinking of my naughty friend’s intentions. I put them back in the bag.

As I showered that evening the events of the past twenty four hours swirled through my head. I was intoxicated with feelings and desires that I had never experienced. The excitement was of an intensity which was overpowering. My young mind completely unable to disentangle the mess of sexual tension and emotions that engulfed me. I began to stroke my hardening cock, imagining my lovers hands were mine. My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the telephone and my father shouting to tell me that it was for me. I quickly pulled up my shorts, struggling to conceal my hardness, and dashed downstairs to the phone.
“Hello” I said. “Well hello there my naughty boy”, it was Patrick, my older pervy friend. My heart raced. “Fancy coming round.. sorry I missed you earlier?” he asked. “What now?” I stammered. “I can’t think of a better time… can you?” he replied. “Give me ten minutes” was my response. “Margaret gave you something for me didn’t she?” he asked. “Yes she did” I told him. “Wear them when you come”, and the line went dead.

I dashed upstairs and eagerly pulled the lace panties from the bag again. I put them on. The simple act of doing that was so deeply sensual, the feelings were incredible. They fitted perfectly, although my semi erect cock wasn’t easily contained. The lace against my cock was wonderful. My precum making them damp. I pulled on some jogging bottoms and trainers and set off for Patricks.
The sensation of wearing the black lace panties under my clothes was unbelievable.
When I arrived I rang the doorbell. Patrick buzzed me in and I climbed the stairs to his flat. The door was ajar and I slowly entered, closing the door behind me. Patrick was sitting on the sofa, his eyes boring into me intensely. “That was quick” he said. I blushed. “Is my naughty boy in need of some Uncle Patrick special attention?” he asked, grinning. I slowly nodded. “Stand over there for me… let me see you properly” he instructed me. I shuffled to the middle of the room. “Did you do what I told you?” he said. All I could do was nod. “Well let me see then!” he told me. Slowly I kicked off my trainers and then began pulling down the jogging bottoms. Patrick’s eyes devoured me. The jogging bottoms fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. “Oh my sweet lord” was all he managed to say. “Take off your T-shirt” he ordered. I pulled the shirt over my head. It left me naked in front of him, apart from the skimpy lace panties which were by now completely drenched with my precum. My hard cock forcing its way out of the top of them. ‘Come here” he said. I walked closer. He stood in front of me. He reached for my crotch and traced along the length of my hardness, pausing at the engorged head and swirling his finger around it. He brought it up to my mouth.. I licked. “Such a naughty fucking boy” he whispered. He pushed the finger into my mouth and I sucked. Back and forth he pushed his finger. “I think Jim is ready to have some fun with Uncle Patrick’s cock, isn’t he?” he said. I nodded eagerly whilst sucking hard on his finger, still tasting my own precum.

He began to undress. First his shirt and then his trousers. Quickly he was naked. This was the first time I had seen his cock, and it was so very very long. Not terribly thick but long straight and rock solid. The head was pushing through the foreskin and precum glistened. He stepped nearer, his cock bouncing off mine. He brought his face to mine and delicately kissed me. Delicate at first but then with more urgency. His tongue pushing between my lips. He was tasting my precum. We kissed hungrily, our hands all over each other. I reached for his cock. The first time I had felt another mans cock. It felt utterly wonderful. I had never been more aroused in my life. I slowly wanked it as we snogged. He did the same to me. My foreskin lodged behind the head and oozed heavily. I felt Patrick push down on my shoulders. I knew what he wanted… I wanted the same. I slowly dropped down to my knees in front of Patrick his hard cock swinging before him. I felt it beside my face, leaving trails of his precum. I reached for it, feeling its hardness. Ever so slowly I brought it to my lips. I had wanted this for so very long. My tongue traced around his swollen purple helmet, hungrily devouring the sticky silvery juice he was producing. I could hear Patrick groaning with pure lust. As I took him in my mouth I reached down for my own cock, by now fully free from the lace panties. I slowly wanked myself as I eagerly sucked on Patrick’s manhood. “You sexy sexy boy” Patrick told me, “Uncle Patrick has something very special for his naughty boy”.

I was now fully intent on pleasuring him. With one hand I wanked the shaft of his cock as my lips encircled the fantastic helmet, my other hand furiously wanking my own. “Where would you like Uncle Patrick to give you his special treat?” he asked. I slowly took him from my mouth and told him I wanted it over my cock. Quickly, my mouth enveloped him again. His cock had swollen more and his balls had tightened. I knew he would soon explode. His precum was flowing freely now. He was groaning more. I quickly pulled him from my mouth and wanked him faster, pointing his cock down over me. His knees were giving way and I knew my wait would soon be over. He started grunting and the first spurt of cum shot from him. It was strong, landing over my stomach and trailing down to my hard cock. The second I aimed better, the hot cream covering the target heavily. I grabbed my cock and began wanking his cum into it. At the same time I pulled his cock back to my mouth, catching his final spurts. I was in heaven. The taste wasn’t unpleasant… but that was irrelevant, I was in an erotic trance and all I wanted was cum and pleasure. “Oh my god! You bad bad boy! So very very fucking sexy!” Patrick whispered to me. I was moaning with pleasure. Patricks cum was now a thick froth around my cock as I wanked myself off frantically. I could feel my cum rising. “Let it go! Let it go for Uncle Patrick” my lover told me. Within seconds I was exploding jet after jet of hot cum up over my chest, some hitting my chin. Patricks cock was now softening in my mouth. He slowly pulled me up to my feet. I was a cum covered mess. Patrick reached down and milked the remainder of cum from me, it trickled down over the black lace panties which were tight below my balls. He began to kiss me, tasting his own cum on my lips. I felt weak. Drained, both physically and mentally. “Sit down” Patrick told me. I did as he said.

“That will be the first of many.. you know that don’t you?” he informed me. I laughed gently in that post-cum satisfied way. “Oh I do hope so!” I replied. “What is going on with Margaret?” I asked him. Patrick laughed. “You know she was teasing me big time earlier tonight.. and gave me these” I said, pointing down at the cum covered panties. Patrick laughed some more. “I know… she loves teasing. Margaret and I have known each other for many years. For want of a better expression, we are fuck buddies. With her husband working abroad all the time, and since his heart attack… she has shall we say… ’special’ needs!” he told me. “She knows I am bi and loves me telling her of my man fun… I told her about you. I knew she’d try something as soon as I saw her face when she met you yesterday! She had that naughty gleam in her eye!” he continued.
I was even more bewildered than ever now… I was recovering from my first explorations in man sex and all the guilt/emotions that involves and here was my older pervy seducer telling me that I was a play thing in a bizarre sexual triangle. Bewildered… very much so, but very very intrigued to take things further.

I got to my feet and began to dress. “You should wear the stockings for me next time!” Patrick said, winking at me. “Will I see you tomorrow?” I asked him. Patrick laughed loudly… “Oh we are a hungry boy aren’t we!” He didn’t know the half of it in reality! He had seduced me, and in the process awakened an erotic hunger that demanded satisfaction… to this very day.

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