The Touch Of Another Pt 3.



The following morning I was filled with anxiety as I made my way to work. The events of the previous day had turned my life upside down and opened up feelings and emotions I had no idea existed.

All the previous evening my mind had been a confused blur. Was I gay? I wasn’t attracted to men in the same way I was to women. I loved being around women. I desired women enormously. What was going on? Why had I been like putty in Patricks experienced hands? It must surely be the overpowering arousal… the pure erotic lust. The need to take things to incredible sexual highs.

 I knew that I wanted to give pleasure as well. Not just receive it. I found the fact that Patrick was an older man a real turn on. This mature man taking advantage of my inexperience. This aroused me no end but I knew that I wanted to return the wonderful sensations that he had given me. So far, he had been the one delivering the intense pleasure I had experienced. I wanted to know I could give someone else the same. Could I take that next step and touch another man?

I only saw Patrick once that morning. My heart was pounding. “I will be leaving at break time Jim” he said to me, “I have a dentists appointment.. but I will meet you in the pub after you finish if you like?” I told him that would be fine.


I spent the afternoon at work riding waves of arousal in anticipation of what might happen. Seven o’clock couldn’t come quickly enough.

I left work on time and headed along the seafront to the pub. I entered through the back entrance and found my way to the saloon bar that Patrick had taken me to the previous evening. I immediately saw Margaret, the attractive middle aged lady I had been introduced to. There was no sign of Patrick. “Hello there Jim” she said, with a broad smile. “What brings you here?” she continued still smiling. “I was supposed to meet Patrick” I replied. “Oh really… back for more so soon!” her smile was taking on a far more knowing look. I was blushing. “Don’t be shy! Pat and I have very few secrets!” she winked at me. “Would you like a drink?” she asked me. “A half of lager please” I said. As she ordered the drink I couldn’t help my self from watching her. She was wearing a white silky blouse which accentuated her womanly figure. I could make out the lace of her bra beneath the silk. Her breasts pressing against the material. An above the knee, figure hugging skirt rode high on her thighs as she perched on the bar stool. “There you are young man” she handed me my drink. She had caught me looking at her legs. Her smile broke into a giggle. “Whats so funny?” I asked.”Oh nothing really… I was just thinking to myself” she said with a distinct gleam in her eyes. “What draws a young chap like you to a randy dog like Patrick?” she asked. My embarrassment was starting to get the better of me and I was squirming. She could sense this. “Like I said… no secrets between me and him!” she continued. “I don’t know what you mean” I quickly replied. “Don’t be silly… you know exactly what I mean! Pat told me himself that he couldn’t wait to get in your pants!” she said laughing. “I’m not gay if thats what you think!” I defended myself. She giggled. My head was spinning. What was going on? Was she flirting with me? Or just teasing? “I’m only teasing you… nothing wrong with a bit of fun. We all like that now don’t we? I know I do!” she said, winking at me. My blushing continued.


 Where was Patrick? We continued for another ten minutes or so making small talk. Here was me, hoping to have met up with Patrick and taking our fun a bit further, and now I am being flirted with by a quite clearly provocative mature woman who was probably older than my own mother.

She drained her glass. “Well thats me Jim” she said. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Well it doesn’t look like Patrick is showing so I’ll head home” I replied. “Thats a real shame” she told me. She couldn’t have been more right. “Well I’ll see you soon Jim… don’t do anything i wouldn’t do!” she said as she got up from the stool and headed towards the door. My eyes followed her, taking in her every movement.

As I made my way out of the bar Margaret turned around, “I almost forgot!” she said as she rummaged in her bag. “I had something to give Patrick… do you think you could make sure he gets it tomorrow when you see him at work?”

“Of course” I replied as she handed me a small plastic carrier bag. “Thank you Jim…” and she leaned forward and kissed my cheek. She turned and left.

On my way home my mind was in overdrive. I had desperately hoped I could have explored further with Patrick this evening and instead I had spent half an hour being teased mercilessly by a middle-aged woman who clearly knew what I had been doing with Patrick… She didn’t seem to mind, if anything she was enjoying my discomfort and appeared to be getting a bizarre satisfaction from it. 

As I walked I looked inside the plastic bag she had given me for Patrick. If my head wasn’t spinning before it certainly was now. The bag contained what appeared to be women’s black lace lingerie. What on earth did Patrick want with women’s underwear? Was it a gift for someone? He wasn’t married, maybe a girlfriend. I didn’t think he had one but then again there was quite a lot I didn’t know about Patrick. Who was it for?    

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